Holiday Gift Giving Ideas: Body Products

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hi everyone! For today's post, I'm doing something that I've never done on the blog before and that's a holiday gift giving ideas guide. The reason I'm sharing this post is because I recently got sent a package from Avon Canada of some of their holiday products that's perfect as gift for a friend or family member.

I wasn't able to try out everything in the package that I received yet but I wanted to share some of the products they offered that might be a good idea for a gift for someone in your life. I hope you enjoy this post and it helps gives someone out there an idea for a gift.

Avon Prima Eau De Parfum (50ml), Avon Prima Body Lotion (200ml), Avon Prima Shower Gel (200ml)
Experience the dramatic blend of elegant plum, intoxicating rose and intense white patchouli that lasts all day. I'm not the greatest at describing scents but this set smells really good. It has a sweet floral scent so I think this would be a perfect set to gift to someone who loves trying out new perfumes that's more on the feminine girly side.

Avon Prima Eau De Parfum, Avon Prima Body Lotion, Avon Prima Shower Gel
Avon Prima Eau De Parfum, Avon Prima Body Lotion, Avon Prima Shower Gel

Ultra Sexy Body Mist Collection (Includes Ultra Sexy Heart, Ultra Sexy Pink, and Ultra Sexy Lace) - 150ml each
Flirty, romantic, or smouldering, this trio of luxury body mists is perfect for all your moods. Ultra Sexy Heart has a mix of luscious cherries, rose petals, and decadent chocolate marshmallow. Ultra Sexy Pink has flirty notes of fresh raspberry, blushing peony, and chiffon musk. Ultra Sex Lace has smoldering infusion of provocative pear and magnolia laced with sensual golden amber. This is another great set you can either gift as a whole to one person or you can gift each bottle to three different individuals.

Ultra Sexy Body Mist Collection (Includes Ultra Sexy Heart, Ultra Sexy Pink, and Ultra Sexy Lace)
Ultra Sexy Body Mist Collection (Includes Ultra Sexy Heart, Ultra Sexy Pink, and Ultra Sexy Lace)

mark. Rebel Luxe Eau De Toilette Spray - 50ml
Part edgy, part opulent. Be the leader of your own style revolution with this chic blend of irresistible dark plum, sophisticated baccarat rose and mysterious patchouli. Top notes are dark plum essence, Italian mandarin, and golden apple. Middle notes are baccarat rose, iris essence, and jasmine. Base notes are patchouli, caramel liqueur, and liquid musk. Unlike the Avon Prima Eau De Parfum, this particular scent is more on the sexier side because it smells more muskier to me. Its definitely a perfume I would wear more when I go out at night compared to the day time.

mark. Rebel Luxe Eau De Toilette Spray

That's all for the body related products but I have one more holiday gift giving ideas post to share that features more beauty and nail products so be on the look out for that one that's coming out this week too. 

*Avon Canada sent these products as PR samples. My opinion is 100% honest.*

OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Happy Monday Blues! For today's post, I'm sharing a blue polish that I think is great to wear right now. For the colder seasons like fall and winter, I tend to gravitate to darker shades on my nails. So let's see the color I'm sharing then.

OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue! is a deep dark shimmery navy blue. The shimmer in this polish when the light hits it is absolutely gorgeous. The shimmer shines a lighter blue when the light hits it so it just makes the color glow on the nails. I like that this polish is so dark but you can definitely still tell its a navy blue color. The formula and application on this polish was great that I could have even gotten away with just one coat of this color too. This is two coats.

OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue!
OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

I don't wear this polish nearly enough which is something I need to change. It's the perfect color to wear during the colder season of fall and winter as well. What do you think?

November 2016 Product Empties

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Here's my product empties post for November. Its almost the end of the year as we enter into December. This year seemed to really fly by for me. I finished quite a few products so let's hear my thoughts on them.

November 2016 Product Empties

1. SKIN&LAB Dr. Vita Clinic Gently Vita Exfoliator
This was my first peeling type exfoilator and I loved it. It was very effective and every time I used it, my face will feel very clean and refreshed. It has a great scent to it and its so cool to see my dead skin peel away when I use this product. I'm going to definitely repurchase another bottle of it. You can check out my full review on it here.

2. L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Nutri-Gloss Luminizer Shampoo
I got this product from Influenster to try out and it was nice. It made my hair feel and look good when I used it. It also had a nice scent to it too. Even though I liked it, I probably won't purchase a bottle because I prefer 2 in 1 hair products since its more convenient and easier for me to use.

3. A.H.C Whitening Special Gen Serum
This was a pretty decent sample size of this whitening serum. I quite liked it too. It had a nice scent to it and it absorbed pretty well into my skin. I didn't notice a lot of whitening happening but it did help to keep my skin feeling moisturized. This product would be something I would look into purchasing in a full size of too.

4. Listerine Total Care Zero
My most favorite mouth wash from Listerine. I've tried a few other kinds from Listerine but nothing compares to this one for me. It always leaves my mouth feeling very clean and refreshed every time I use it.

5. L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Nutri-Gloss Luminizer Conditioner
Like the shampoo I used up, I received this conditioner from Influenster to try out and it was good. It helped to moisturize my hair and left it feeling pretty soft when I rinsed it out. Probably won't repurchase it though since I do prefer 2 in 1 hair products more.

6. Lassie'el Night Miracle Brightening Pearl Shell
This is an overnight mask pack that your suppose to leave on during the night and rinse off in the morning. It came with two packs which your suppose to use up in one go when you open one. This particular one had shimmer to it which I didn't really like. It did keep my skin very moisturized during the night though which I liked.

7. Lassie'el Night Miracle Soothing Mango
I liked this overnight mask much more than the brightening pearl shell one since it didn't have any shimmer in it. It smelled faintly like mangoes which I liked and it was very moisturizing on my skin too. One pack was a lot for just my face and neck so I used any leftovers on other dry areas of my body like elbows,  hands, and etc.

That's all for my product empties for November. A lot of these products I used up were expiring very soon so I'm happy that I was able to finish them all up before they turned bad. Let me know if you've tried any of the products that I mentioned and what you've finished up too.

Matte Neutral and Turquoise Leopard Print

Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Monday Blues! For today's manicure, I was inspired by this OPI Nordic Collection Leopard Print Nail Art from Chalkboard Nails that I saw when I was googling leopard print manicures online.  I always like creating leopard print designs and I wanted to try it with a matte top coat too so here's the result of it.

Matte Neutral and Turquoise Leopard Print Nail Art

I used Essie Very Structured on all the nails. I created the leopard print using American Apparel Port and MisQs GR001 with a dotting tool. Finished with KBShimmer Clearly On Top Quick Dry Top Coat and NYC Matte Me Crazy Mattifying Top Coat.

Matte Neutral and Turquoise Leopard Print Nail Art
Matte Neutral and Turquoise Leopard Print Nail Art

I really like how these turned out even though the base polish turned out a bit darker than what I was expecting. I think adding a matte top coat really helped to blend the turquoise and neutral colors together better too. I did wish the lighting was a bit better when I took these pictures since they look pretty dark here. What do you think?

Twinsie Tuesday: Share Your Polish Collection

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Today's Twinsie Tuesday theme is to share your polish collection. To be honest, my nail polish collection isn't really organized since I just have them all randomly stored in two Melmers that I purchased from Michael's. Since each drawer basically looks almost the same, I'm just going to share one picture of it instead.

My Nail Polish Collection
My Nail Polish Collection

I try to keep most of the same brands together in one drawer if I can but most of my drawers look like the one above. I haven't purchased new polishes in a pretty long time so everything I own fits inside these two Melmers with some room to spare. I'm excited to see the everyone's polish collection since I think there's would be much more exciting than mine.

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