Sephora by OPI Bright as a Feather

Monday, March 27, 2017

Happy Monday Blues! I'm kind of in a rush today so let's just see what blue polish I have to share.

Sephora by OPI Bright as a Feather is a bright sky blue packed with silver and turquoise shimmers. When I first saw this polish, I didn't expect to like it that much on the nails but I was pleasantly surprised by it. I think the silver and turquoise shimmers really helps to make the color super shiny and reflective when applied on the nails. It almost reminds me of the water in a swimming pool too. The formula was a little sheer but application was pretty good on it. This is three coats.

Sephora by OPI Bright as a Feather
Sephora by OPI Bright as a Feather

Its always great to like a polish you didn't expect to like just from looking at it in the bottle. What do you think?

Aveniro Foot Scraper and Duo Glass Nail Files Review

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hi everyone! I have a review today to share on some new glass nail files that Aveniro has recently come out with. I have reviewed Aveniro in the past and really like their products so I was excited to work with them again. The new products they sent me are the foot scraper and a medium and small duo files.

Aveniro Foot Scraper and Duo Glass Nail Files Review

My Review
Like the previous time I worked with Aveniro, their communication and shipping was very quick. I received this package around two weeks after it was confirmed to have been shipped out to me. Everything was packaged in a nice cardboard box with bubble wrap and was sent in a small mailer envelope.

Aveniro Foot Scraper and Duo Glass Nail Files Review

So regarding the three new products, I was very pleased with them all. I don't really have much issues with my feet so the foot scraper wasn't really getting much use from me but I did give it to my mom to use and she loves it. The foot scraper has two sides: the rougher side works to remove dirt and old skin and the more smoother side works to give a final clean skin finish. The size of the foot scraper is 55x110mm and unique shape to it ensures a smooth and comfortable use.

Aveniro Foot Scraper and Duo Glass Nail Files Review

For the medium and small duo glass nail files, they worked really well for me. Like the foot scarper, these glass nail files also has two sides with it. The rougher side is highly abrasive yet gentle on the nails to enable fast and easier shaping of the nails. The smoother side works as a final filing and helps to correct any imperfections made with the rougher side. They file my nails really well and I like that they don't wear down as you continue to use them like regular nail files do. Both of the glass nail files are very travel friendly and easy to carry around with you. I also love the pretty colored gradient on top of both of the glass files. The one on the medium glass nail file in particular makes me want to create a manicure with that colored gradient design too.

Final Thoughts
Overall, if your looking for affordable and great quality glass nail files or a new foot scraper, I definitely recommend you to check out the ones from Aveniro. Their customer service was friendly and their shipping time was pretty fast. Another thing I like is that their glass nail files comes with its own cover which is handy to protect them when your traveling with them.

*Avenrio sent these products for review purposes. My opinion is 100% honest.*

Nicole by OPI Diva Into The Pool

Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Monday Blues! I'm a little behind on some posts that I have planned but I'm trying to get a little caught up this week. Luckily, I still have enough posts to last me for a couple of weeks. Let's see what polish I'm swatching then.

Nicole by OPI Diva Into The Pool is a shimmery blue aqua foil that's packed with small silver glitters. Even though the color is pretty, the formula was really lacking. I found the formula thin in opacity when I applied the first coat so I knew I would have to apply at least three coats to get decent coverage. Since the formula was on the thin side, application was a little hard. I felt like as I applied more coats on, it was leaving the color a little patchy so I had to be extra careful with my application. I don't wear this color a lot but I do like how sparkly it is on the nails. This is three coats.

Nicole by OPI Diva Into The Pool
Nicole by OPI Diva Into The Pool

Even though I had to apply quite a few coats, I'm glad that the color didn't bubble on my nails. If the formula was better, I think I would have liked the polish a little more. What do you think?

Twinsie Tuesday: Shades of Green

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Today's Twinsie Tuesday theme is shades of green. Since St. Patrick's Day is coming up later this week, I thought it was appropriate to try to create a manicure for the day. I don't really celebrate days like this but I thought it would be fun to do so for the theme so here's what I came up with.

St. Patrick's Day Inspired Stripes and Clover Nail Art

I used Essie Mint Candy Apple on the ring and middle nail. Next, I used China Glaze Starboard and striping tape to create stripes. Then I took a dotting tool and American Apparel Crescent Heights to create a clover on the corner of each striped nail. For the rest of the nails, I used Orly Ancient Jade. Finished with KBShimmer Clearly On Top Quick Dry Top Coat.

St. Patrick's Day Inspired Stripes and Clover Nail Art
St. Patrick's Day Inspired Stripes and Clover Nail Art

I thought these turned out pretty cute. My free handed clovers aren't the greatest but I tried my best at it. Its also been a long time since I've done stripes too. What do you think?

Pure Ice Heartbreaker

Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy Monday Blues! For today's blue manicure, I'm sharing a simple polish swatch. I find swatch posts so much easier and faster for me to do compared to nail art designs when I'm in a rush. I also like swatching since it makes me look through my collection and wear colors I might have not worn yet too. Let's see the polish then.

Pure Ice Heartbreaker is an intense green to blue shimmer topper in a clear base. I really do like the look of this topper a lot and I like that your able to layer this polish over basically anything. When layered over a medium to dark base polish, it gives the color a glow from within look to it. Both the formula and application on this polish was pretty good. This is one coat over MisQs Kaya Nail Polish BL001.

Pure Ice Heartbreaker
Pure Ice Heartbreaker

My swatches that I don't took don't do this polish enough justice. In real life, this shimmer topper definitely transformed the blue creme polish into something really pretty and shimmery. What do you think?

February 2017 Product Empties

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Here is my February product empties post. I finished quite a lot of things during this month which makes me extremely happy. I'm going to have a lot of stuff for next month's post too since I just went through my makeup again and I'm going to throw some things out that I haven't touched in ages. Anyways, let's hear what I thought of the products I finished then.

February 2017 Product Empties

1. Skin Juice 90 Real Ampoule
This is a fruit whitening ampoule that contains 13 kinds of vitamin rich fruits juice and 90% vegetable juice extracts. This big bottle took me so long so use up so I was so excited when I finished it. I used it both day and night after my toner and I really liked it. It has a nice fruity scent to it and it absorbed well into my skin. I didn't notice a lot of whitening happening but I liked how it made my skin feel hydrated.

2. Glam Up Professional +Add Collagen Keratin Ampoule Damage Down
This is a hair ampoule your apply into your hair when its still a little damp after washing your hair. I used it and I did like it. It has a liquid consistency to it so it absorbed really quickly into my  hair. I mainly concentrated it on the ends of my hair and it felt hydrating on my hair. I didn't notice a huge change but my hair did feel nourished.

3. enesti Day to Day Rice & Milk Foaming Cleanser
I used another milk cleanser from this brand before and just like that previous cleanser, I thought this one was okay. I wasn't too fond of the scent and it didn't do anything special for my skin. It did lather really well though which I liked and it didn't leave my skin feeling dry after using it.

4. Lioele Auto Eyebrow #3
This has been the eyebrow product I've been using to fill in my eyebrows with. There's quite a bit of product still left in it but I think its time for me to toss it out since its been applying a bit patchy on my brows. I did really enjoy it though and its a product I would consider repurchasing again.

5. Fairy's Make-up Synergy Sun Cream
The packaging on this product is suppose to be cute but instead, I found it a little creepy. Sadly, I wasn't a huge fan of this sun cream. The texture and how it applied was nice but I just couldn't stand the smell of this product. It has a very strong perfume so that whenever I wore this sun cream, I always felt a headache coming. I used as much as I could and its expired this month so I think its time for me to throw it away.

6. Dry Idea Powder Fresh Antiperspirant Roll-On
This was the deodorant I was currently using and it was okay. I was bored with always using a stick deodorant so I wanted a change and found this to try out. I did like the smell on it but I didn't feel like it helped to keep my underarms dry though. I also found that the scent on it didn't last on me long.

7. Soy Bio+ Fermented Lumpoule
I got these two little samples in a Memebox and have heard a lot of people really like it. These two only lasted me for a short time but I did enjoy it. The texture on it was nice and it didn't really have much of a scent to it. It applied and absorbed into my skin well and I like how it felt on too. It would be something I would look into purchasing a full size of too.

That's all for my empties for the month of February. I finished quite a few big things which is clearing up space in my skincare drawer. Hopefully, I will be able to clear out that drawer by the end of the year to make room for new things.

Blue Shimmer with White Abstract Stamping

Monday, March 6, 2017

Happy Monday Blues! The weather was just starting to warm up where I live but then yesterday, we got hit with a bit of snow. I tend to like the colder weather more so I was kind of happy to see it. I have today off from work so I'm going to go out to do some shopping which I haven't done in a while. Anyways, let's see today's manicure I'm sharing.

Blue Shimmer with White Abstract Stamping Nail Art

I used MisQs BL001 and layered Pure Ice Heartbreaker on top on all of the nails. I stamped with Born Pretty Stamping Polish in White with stamping plate BP-53 from Born Pretty Store. Use coupon code YCL91 for 10% off your order. Finished with a coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top Quick Dry Top Coat.

Blue Shimmer with White Abstract Stamping Nail Art
Blue Shimmer with White Abstract Stamping Nail Art

I was in the mood to do stamping so I chose a random stamping plate I haven't used before and created this manicure. I think it turned out pretty nice too. What do you think?

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