December 2017 Product Empties

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Hi everyone and happy new year! I can't believe its already 2018 and this is going to be my first post too. Today, I have my product empties for December to share with you all. Let's get right into it.

December 2017 Product Empties

1. Primary Raw Soy Milk Facial Cream
This was my current day and night cream that I've been using. I really liked it and was sad to use it all up. Its a cream so it felt very moisturizing on my skin which is perfect since the cold weather has been drying out my skin a bit. It does come in glass jar which I will probably reuse to hold small things inside.

2. enesti Rose Hip Oil Foaming Cleanser
This was my current cleanser and I thought it was just okay. I wasn't a huge fan of the scent on it and it didn't really do much for my skin. Sometimes, I even felt a little irritation when I used it too often so I was only using this cleanser every once in a while. Other than that, nothing really special about this cleanser.

3. Holika Holika Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask
I got this sample size of sleeping mask a while ago and just recently used it. The texture was much more loose and liquid like than I was expecting so it was a little difficult to apply on my skin. It was very moisturizing on my skin though which was nice especially when your sleeping. Probably something I would check out and possibly buy a full size of too.

4. Biore Baking Soda Pore Cleanser
I really like the little bits in this cleanser since I think it does a good job with exfoilating the skin. However, I noticed if I used this too often, it does tend to irritate my skin. So I only used this cleanser about once a week.  I like it but its probably not a cleanser I will buy a full size of since it does kind of dry out my skin after I use it.

5. Crest Complete Whitening + Scope
I got a bunch of toothpaste on sale for $1 so this is one that I picked up. I like the toothpaste since it left my mouth feeling clean and minty.

That's all for my empties for December. Hopefully, I have more products to empty out during this new year too.

Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive Review

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Hi everyone and happy new years eve! For today's post which will probably be my last post of the year, I'm going to review a nail strengthener product that I was sent from Nail Polish Canada. It took me a long time to finally try out the Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive but I finally did so let's go ahead and see what I thought of it.

Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive Review

Product Description
Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive protects and strengthens damaged, fragile, split, and broken nails. Its exclusive formula enhanced with active bio ingredients helps repair, protect, and fortify nails.

Where to Buy
A bottle contains 10ml. You can purchase a bottle of the Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive from Nail Polish Canada for $26. They also carry the original Vitry Nail Repair Treatment for $23.

The Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive came in a nice cardboard box highlighting and outlining what the product does. I like that there's a picture on it showing the result the Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive can have on your nails after using it for two weeks. Inside, the Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive is packaged in a simple white rounded bottle shape.

Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive Review

How To Use
Apply one coat every two days, making sure that you cleanse your nails between each application with the Vitry Extra Soft Nail Varnish Remover. May be used on its own or as a base with nail varnish.

My Review
First off, I have never used any kind of nail strengthener before so this was my first experience with this kind of product. I feel like my nails condition is average, its not that fragile but its not very strong too so I felt like this would be an interesting product for me to try out. When I first applied the Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive, it applied really smoothly on my nails so I found application on it really good. I liked the brush on it too since its a little on the wider size which I personally like since I feel like I can get a good even coat with it.

Once the Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive dried on my nails, it does leave a pretty shiny finish on the nails which I do like. You can definitely feel and see that there's something applied on to the nails even though the product is clear. There was a bit of a chemical smell on my nails after applying the product but after a few days, it does go away. I didn't have the Vitry Extra Soft Nail Varnish Remover so I used regular non acetone nail polish remover to cleanse the nails and apply a new coat every two days.

After testing the product for a little over two weeks, I can say that when I have the Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive on, it does make my nails feel thicker and stronger. This in turns makes me feel like my nails aren't as prone to breakage when I have it on compared to when I don't have it on. Since my nails don't break as often with this product on, they can grow stronger and thicker. Its definitely a nice product to use especially when you can't wear nail polish on a daily basis but would like something on the nails that's not too noticeable but makes you nails look polished.

Final Thoughts
Overall, I liked the product but I'm not 100% in love with it. Since my nails aren't really damaged and fragile, I feel like the Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive didn't really have much of an effect on my nails. I do like wearing it since it gives my nails a polished look and it makes my nails feel stronger whenever I have it on. I don't worry on breaking any of my nails when I have the product on. It didn't have much of an effect on my nails but I do recommend anyone who has more damaged, broken, or split nails to give the Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive a try since I've read many positive reviews on how it worked for others.

*Nail Polish Canada sent the Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive for review purposes. My opinion is 100% honest.*

Born Pretty Z004 Life Narration

Friday, December 29, 2017

Hi everyone! I wasn't planning to post again until the new year but I have some reviews I wanted to post up before 2017 ends. Here's the last swatches of another Born Pretty polish I was sent to review from Born Pretty Store. The other one I showed was a blue one, this one I'm showing today is a green one so let's see it.

Born Pretty Z004 Life Narration is a sheer green polish with duochrome micro glitter that shifts between green and pink in it. This polish is very similar to Ocean Illusion which I swatched already but the color is green and the color shift is different as well. Formula is sheer but I didn't find application on it hard. I definitely recommend layering this polish over a base polish since it does require a lot of coats for it to be fully opaque on the nails. This is four coats.

Born Pretty Z004 Life Narration
Born Pretty Z004 Life Narration

I'm pretty satisfied with the color. I'm not a huge fan of having to apply this many coats for it to opaque but I will probably layer it over a similar base color so I don't have to apply so many coats. What do you think?

Ugly Sweater Holiday Inspired Stamping

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Hi everyone! Since its the holiday season, I knew I had to do at least one holiday themed manicure so here it is. This is also my holiday manicure entry into Nail Polish Canada's Holiday Nail Art Challenge that there hosting. If you like my design, please make sure to vote for me here.

Ugly Sweater Holiday Inspired Stamping Nail Art

I used a variety of polishes so I'm just going to list them out: American Apparel Downtown LA, Color Club Merry And Bright, Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly, Orly Here Comes Trouble, OPI Jade is the New Black, and OPI Ali's Big Break. For the stamping, I used American Apparel Hassid with stamping plate BPL-032 and Celebration BPX-L008. Use coupon code YCL91 for 10% off your order from Born Pretty Store. Finished the manicure off with Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat.

Ugly Sweater Holiday Inspired Stamping Nail Art
Ugly Sweater Holiday Inspired Stamping Nail Art

The stamping turned out a little more crooked but I think its okay since this is an ugly sweater themed design. Since Christmas is next week, I'm planning to take that week off from blogging to spend more time with family and friends. Don't worry though since I will be back in the new year. So I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy holidays! See you all in 2018! What do you think of this holiday manicure?

OPI Ski Teal We Drop

Monday, December 18, 2017

Happy Monday Blues! This is my last week of work before I get a holiday break from my workplace for about a week which is nice. I can sleep in and rest before going back in the year. Anyways, let's see today's blue nails.

OPI Ski Teal We Drop is a dark teal creme. The teal in this polish definitely leans a bit more on the blue side. I like the color of this shade and that its not too dark that it looks black when I have it on my nails. Its a great color to wear for the winter season right now. Formula and application on it was pretty good too. This is two coats.

OPI Ski Teal We Drop
OPI Ski Teal We Drop

Overall, I'm really pleased with this polish. I don't wear dark polishes all that much but I definitely plan to wear this one a lot especially during the colder weather right now. What do you think?

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