China Glaze Below Deck

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hello everyone! Its already Spring but the weather here in Canada has been quite cloudy recently. So what I'm wearing on my nails kind of matches with the weather here.

China Glaze Below Deck is a purple taupe creme color. This color was a dream to apply! It was almost a one coater too. I love how neutral and work appropriate it is. Its a darker color but not too dark to wear for the season right now. As you can see, the color does dry a little darker than it appears in the bottle. I applied two coats here.

China Glaze Below Deck

I took these pictures in my kitchen which I'm going to do from now on since it has the best lighting in the entire house. I'll be making a light box this week too so I'll see how that goes. I might even make a post on it.

China Glaze Below Deck

What's your favorite purple taupe colors? Let me know in the comments below since I'm really loving it.


  1. That's a really nice grey. Very sophisticated and interesting.
    I have Nubar - Velvet Silver which looks to be almost the same colour. I never expected to love it so much.

    1. Yeah, its like the perfect work appropriate neutral color for me. I really love it and want to get similar colors now, lol.

      Googled the Nubar one and its pretty too! More of a true grey which is really nice :)


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