Zoya Sienna

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hey guys! I filed down my nails quite a bit since I wanted them to all grow evenly together. So for the next few posts, my nails will be on the shorter side even though they weren't really long to begin with. I'm going to also try to shape them better as they grow out too. Now, let's get into what I'm wearing on my nails!

Zoya Sienna is a tangerine orange with a heavy yellowy gold shimmer. I applied two coats. As you can see, my nail line is still visible so I could have added another coat but with my nails so short, I didn't mind it. I don't have a lot of oranges in my collection so I really liked this one.

Zoya Sienna

How do you like my pictures? I've been playing around with Adobe Photoshop and I decided to crop the excess off the pictures so the focus on the nails is a little better. Also excuse the scab on my middle finger, I nicked myself.

Zoya Sienna

That's all for today! I'm planning on dedicating at least one day every week to swatching so I can have more posts up for you guys other than NOTD's so expect to see those soon. But after I get my nails to grow a little longer!

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