Sally Hansen Celeb City

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hi guys! The lighting wasn't the best since the weather was kind of dreary when I took the pictures. I'm thinking of making a light box so that I can control the lighting better. But I first need to find a good box to use and buy a lamp that points down. Alright, let's get into what I'm wearing.

Sally Hansen Celeb City is a foil metallic silver. Its like the perfect silver color too! I love how it looks and applies. The Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line in general has a great formula and its affordable too so I'm definitely planning on getting more from this line in the future. It looks darker in the photos but its actually a much more lighter silver in person. This was two coats.

Sally Hansen Celeb City
Sally Hansen Celeb City

Hope you guys are enjoying these posts. Talk to you later!

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