DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo and Therapy Tonic Review

Friday, June 20, 2014

Here's my review on the DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo and Therapy Tonic Set for everyone today. This is my first time reviewing hair products so I hope I was able to get do it justice. Let's hear what I have to say about these two hair products after using them for over two months.

DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo and Therapy Tonic Review

DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo is the ultimate hair loss prevention shampoo while the DAMOAE Therapy Tonic is a hair loss prevention essence. Its the solution for thinning hair and dandruff. It a patented hair loss prevention shampoo and tonic that has been clinically proven to increase hair growth and hair thickness. It can also treat dandruff and dry, itchy scalp along with seborrheic dermatitis. It has a bunch of other benefits you can read about HERE for the therapy shampoo and HERE for the therapy tonic.

Where to Buy
The DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo bottle contains 300g and the DAMOAE Therapy Tonic bottle contains 120ml. You can purchase the DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo for $34.99 and the DAMOE Therapy Tonic for $38.99 from Wishtrend or you can purchase the DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo and Therapy Tonic Set from Wishtrend for sale at a 10% off discount for $66.58. They offer free worldwide standard shipping on orders over $69 along with free samples included in every order.

How to Get a $5 Voucher
If you use my promo code: 241709612 as the invitation code when you sign up for an account on Wishtrend, you can get a $5 voucher added to your account that can be used towards your purchases. I get a $5 voucher in return too if you use my promo code.

Both of them come in a cardboard box packaging. The DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo comes is in a red bottle with a pump application. The DAMOAE Therapy Tonic is in the same red colored bottle but with a spray application. The spray applicator is different from what I've seen because you can rotate it around. It also comes with a plastic cap. I like the packaging on both products because it makes using the products easier to apply for me.
DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo and Therapy Tonic Review
DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo and Therapy Tonic Review
DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo and Therapy Tonic Review
DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo and Therapy Tonic Review

Texture and Scent
The DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo has a gel like consistency and when I lather it in my hair, I feel like my hair is coated nicely. The shampoo has a yellow color to it. For the DAMOAE Therapy Tonic, its a light brown liquid that I spray on the scalp which makes it easy to absorb and massage into my scalp. Both products have a herbal sugary smell to it. I grew up with a similar smell to that so I actually do like the smell on it a bit. It reminds me of these herbal candies I used to eat.
DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo and Therapy Tonic Review
DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo and Therapy Tonic Review

My Review
After testing these for over two months, I can say I like both products. I don't have much issues with hair loss so I can't say for sure if using these helped to prevent hair loss for me much or even helped my hair growth. I can say its made my hair a bit stronger because I've noticed that I don't have much hair breakage as I did in the past. I also notice that when I'm working the DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo into my hair, I don't pull as much hair out as I do when I'm using my other shampoos and conditioners. The gel consistency helps to bond my hair together better so that when I'm rinsing the shampoo out, not a lot of hair is being pulled out. I usually use about three pumps of shampoo to help cover and lather my hair with.

For the DAMOAE Therapy Tonic, it was nice. I mainly concentrated the tonic around the front part of my hair because my hair tends to get thin around the area where I part my hair. I don't usually apply anything in my hair after I've shampooed it so spraying the therapy tonic felt a little heavy for me personally at the beginning. It did absorb into my scalp nicely when I sprayed and massaged the tonic into my scalp. I didn't notice any significant hair growth to the area on the scalp I sprayed it on but I felt like its helped my hair grower stronger and be less prone to breakage. I will say if you spray too much, you will notice your hair feeling a bit heavy.

Final Thoughts
Overall, I do like both the DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo and DAMOAE Therapy Tonic. I'm not suffering from extreme hair loss so my opinion on whether this works to prevent it isn't really accurate. Both products did help make my hair become stronger and be less prone to breakage so that's kind of in a way helped with reducing the amount of hair strains I've loss before using them. As for reducing dandruff, I didn't have much issues in that area so I can't say for sure if its helped. The price on it is pretty expensive considering I go through shampoo fast so having to buy this over and over again would add up. The smell might not be the most pleasant to others but I actually don't mind it. If you are suffering from hair loss and are looking for a possible solution to slow down the issue, I say give this DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo and Therapy Tonic Set a try. Its clinically proven to have worked for others with hair loss so I'm sure giving it a go wouldn't hurt especially if it does work out for you in the end.

*Wishtrend did provide the DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo and Therapy Tonic Set for review purposes. My opinion is 100% honest. Post does contain affiliate links.*


  1. great review Lisa! I don't have any issues with hair loss either but I have been having issues with breakage... I think this one is too expensive for me to try right now though

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it is pretty expensive but if you ever have the extra money, give this a go if your interested :)


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