Collective September Product Empties

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Its my first every collective empties on the blog! I've been seeing other bloggers do these post and I've wanted to do one for a while so I thought I'll share one and see how it goes. Let me know if you want me to continue doing these monthly. I don't use up products all that fast so this one is very collective over a couple of months. Let's see what I've finished and my thoughts on them.

Collective September Product Empties

1. Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash
I had this cleanser for quite a while so it definitely lasts. I like it because its just a simple straightforward facial cleanser. It lathered well and didn't have much of a scent. I would repurchase it if I was looking for a affordable cleanser but right now, I have so much cleansers to use already that I probably won't anytime soon.

2. Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer
Like the cleanser, this moisturizer really lasted me a while. Its nice and light but it wasn't that moisturizing on my dry skin. Its more suitable for me to wear in the summer compared to the colder weather. I used this moisturizer before I started to really get into skincare so it probably won't be something I would repurchase again.

3. DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo
I've reviewed this shampoo so if you want to hear my thoughts on it more, check it out HERE. Its a nice shampoo but I didn't notice much of a difference on preventing hair loss. Its really expensive so its not something I would repurchase in the future.

4. Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner
The first toner I've ever used and something I would look to repurchase in the future. I'm currently using my second bottle of this since I purchased two of them in a deal Wishtrend had going on during the holidays. Check out my full review on it HERE.

Collective September Product Empties

5. Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream
At first, I didn't think this moisturizer was all that great but after using it a while, I can see why this product seems to be a cult favorite among people who have purchased a Memembox. Its a pretty thick moisturizer so I mainly use this at night. Its very hydrating and moisturizing on my dry skin. I'm currently working on my second jar with a third one as a backup.

6. Bio-RTc Mentor Cream for Oily Skin
I have dry skin so I used this in the summer when my skin was a bit more oily. Its had a nice light gel texture that felt good on my skin. I'm happy that it didn't break me out too since I was scared it was going to because it was labeled for oily skin.

7. Skin& Good Hera Super Cream
One of my favorite moisturizer samples I've tried from Memebox. The scent on this was lovely and it felt great on the skin. Wish I got a bigger sample of it.

8. 25CC Hair Booster Complete Hair Care
I got a few uses out of this but I didn't notice any positive difference to my hair from using it.

9. Danahan Anti-Wrinkle Essence
I mainly used this on my skin and around the areas where I would get wrinkles. The scent on this is very herbal and the texture is sticky. I didn't notice too much improvement since I don't have much wrinkles yet but it felt nice going on the skin.

10. Tea Tree 90 Essence
I finished two bottles of this essence so I can say I really did like it a lot. This almost works as a trouble skin toner for me. I use this when I feel or see that I have redness or a breakout happening. Its nice and light too with no noticeable scent.

11. Savia Slowly & Perfectly Magic Countdown 7 Days EGF & Multi-Peptide
This stuff burned my skin when I first applied it to my face that I immediately had to rinse my face afterwards because it hurt so much. After that, I just used it on my neck.

12. Lee Jiham Dr's Care Vita-Propolis Ampoule
Even though its such a small sample, I really liked this ampoule. I mixed it with my facial moisturizer for added moisture and it worked really well. Got a few uses out of it.

13. Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 45
Just a standard everyday facial sunscreen. Nothing too special but its important to apply sunscreen everyday even if it doesn't seem too sunny outside.

14. Boh Botanic Hill Radiant Youth Ampoule Essence and Moist Youth Ampoule Essence
Both smelled good and felt nice on the skin. I definitely preferred the Radiant Youth Ampoule Essence a bit more.

15. EPFORA Treatment Essence and Rejuvenating Serum
I hated the smell on these two. It was so bad that I didn't apply them on my face but I applied them on my neck instead. Not something I would use again.

16. Mamonde First Energy Serum
One of my favorite items from Memebox that I've received and tried. It smells great and I love how it feels on my skin. It made my skin look so refreshed after using it. I'm sad that I used up the two I have already so I would consider getting a full size of this.

That's all for my collective empties so far. I can now throw away the empty containers. I also used a bunch of sheet masks but I threw away the packaging for those as I used them. I'll do another empties post when I have some more to share. What have you finished lately?


  1. Yay! I loved that you did an empties post!!! Great post, I loved reading your opinions :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer! It was exciting to do it too. I'm planning one for next month now already :)

  2. You did great Lisa! I need to learn to use stuff up. I've got a shower full of half empty bottles. :-p

    1. Thanks Sarah! It usually take me forever to finish a product so I'm happy to have finished quite a few now.

  3. Great post! You got me curious about some products ;)

  4. I like posts like this, too--yet never ever remember that when I have my own empties. :)

    1. Thanks Karen! I was like that too. I collected all these empties but I always forget to take pictures and write up a post until now.

  5. I really wish to try out Cheese cream. I loved the mini reviews. I would be great to see more empties posts in future :-)

    1. Thanks! Hopefully, you can try it out somehow!

  6. Nice empties! I, too, am really intrigued by that Bounce Cheese cream moisturizer now!

    1. Thanks Cait! That product is very interesting, the texture is one I've never really seen before too.


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