Rojukiss Natural Celtic Mist (Lime Tree) Review

Monday, November 17, 2014

Here's my review on the Rojukiss Natural Celtic Mist (Lime Tree)! This was my first facial mist that I've tried when I started to really get into skincare. Let's hear what I thought of it.

Rojukiss Natural Celtic Mist Review - Wishtrend

Rojukiss Natural Celtic Mist (Lime Tree) is a hydrating mist to moisturize even the desert-dry skin. Mist to ease blushed skin, before and after makeup, purify and calm the skin after being out, hydrate your skin at any time while traveling, or to cool down a heated face from exercising.

Where to Buy
A bottle contains 80ml. You can purchase the Rojukiss Natural Celtic Mist (Lime Tree) from Wishtrend for $9.90. They offer free worldwide standard shipping on orders over $69 along with free samples included in every order.

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The Rojukiss Natural Celtic Mist (Lime Tree) comes packaged in a outer cardboard box with a simple green and white color scheme. The product itself is in a plastic spray bottle with a cap. It has a simple label on the front and back. The spray applicator on this bottle is okay. When you spray the product, the mist that comes out isn't a super fine mist that evenly coats the face. Its more of a direct spray and the mist sprays on only the concentrated area where you aimed at.
Rojukiss Natural Celtic Mist Review - Wishtrend
Rojukiss Natural Celtic Mist Review - Wishtrend

Texture and Scent
The texture is just like water but with a scent and a slight tacky feeling on the face when its first sprayed on. After it dries, it feels a bit sticky on the face but not too noticeable to be uncomfortable. The scent on this is a light lime scent which is fitting considering the mist is called Lime Tree. The scent almost reminds me of Sprite.
Rojukiss Natural Celtic Mist Review - Wishtrend

How to Use
Gently mist from 25cm away with eyes closed right after cleansing to give your skin more moisture. I spray it two to three times to cover the face evenly. I usually spray this mist when my skin is feeling dry or tight during the day.

My Review
I like the Rojukiss Natural Celtic Mist (Lime Tree) but its not something too exciting or needed in my skincare routine. I've never tried a facial mist  before so I decided to give this a try since it was affordable when I was shopping on Wishtrend. I like it but I don't notice that much of a noticeable difference on my skin from using it. Its perfect to throw in your bag to travel with so that you can use it whenever you want to refresh or rehydrate the face though.

Final Thoughts
Overall, I probably won't repurchase the Rojukiss Natural Celtic Mist (Lime Tree). Its not a bad product but its just not something that I think is essential for me in my skincare routine. I'm happy to have tried it though. If you do travel a lot or live in a humid area, the Rojukiss Natural Celtic Mist (Lime Tree) might be something for you to check out. Its a nice and light refreshing facial mist that helps to cool down heated skin with a light and refreshing lime scent.

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  2. The lime scent sounds good. Would love something to combat my facial redness, do you think it helps with that?

    1. It does! Its a very refreshing scent to spray on the face. I don't think this facial mist will do much to combat redness. Its more of a hydrating mist to cool down heated skin to me. Click the link to the product in my post. There's an ingredients list as well as what the product can do for you. Hopefully that helps in your decision on whether to give this a try.


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