September 2015 Product Empties

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Here's my product empties for the month of September. I finished a few things but they were mostly sample sized or products that was already really low. Let's see what they were.

September 2015 Product Empties

1. O& Soap Berry Bubble Cleanser
I've already finished one bottle of this product and I like it as my morning cleanser. It comes out as a foam so I don't have to work to create a lather on my face. Smells nice and did its job in the morning on making my face feel clean.

2. Not Soap, Radio Bath or Shower Gel
This was an okay product for me. I don't really use shower gels and the smell wasn't all that great. It had a nice lather and the blue color to the gel was fun. I received it in one of my Birchboxes but it wouldn't be something I would purchase myself.

3. Vitamin Cleansing Dessert Magic Cream Soap in Coconut & Cacao Extract
This cleanser smelled really good but it was strange applying it to my face since it smelled like dessert. It lathered really well but my skin didn't feel all that clean when I used it. I didn't really like that I had to scoop the product out too. This is just an okay cleanser for me and probably not one I would purchase again.

4. N.4 High Performance Hair Care L'eau de Mare Hydrating Shampoo
This was an okay shampoo for me. It lathered really well in my hair but I just didn't like the scent on it or how it made my hair feel. I rinsed my hair really good but I always felt like there was product still left on my hair after blow drying. The scent is pretty strong and lingers on the hair too but the scent wasn't one I really liked.

5. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream
I did not like this cream at all. The smell was okay but the appearance of this cream was what made me dislike it. It has very tiny shimmers in it and once I applied the cream onto my face, you can see it. It wasn't all that hydrating on my skin too.

That's all for my product empties for September. Let me know what you've finished during the month or if you've tried any of the products I mentioned.


  1. yummy everything that smells like dessert :)

  2. I don't know these product's but the Berry Bubble Cleanser sound good! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! I really did enjoy that bubble cleanser and I hope your having a great weekend too.

  3. Looks like some great products, I love to see what people are using and an honest review.


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