October 2015 Product Empties

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Here's my product empties for the month of October! The month kind of flew by for me so I can't believe the year is almost over. Anyways, let's see what products I managed to empty.

October 2015 Product Empties

1. Loco Coco Coconut Oil Lip Balm
I'm not the hugest fan of the smell of coconut but surprisingly, I really did enjoy this lip balm. There was a coconut scent to it but it was very light. It was a moisturizing lip balm and would definitely be a lip product I would love to use again.

2. Beaver Professional Hydro Nutritive Series Shampoo and Repairing Conditioner
I got these two samples from a Birchbox a while back. I actually quite like them. They felt hydrating on my hair and it made my hair feel pretty soft after using them.

3. Mizon Olive Cocoa Butter Foot Cream
This cream was pretty moisturizing and didn't really have much of a scent to it. I've never used a foot cream before but it kept my skin pretty moisturized and I sometimes used it on my legs too.

4. Hiaromax Vitamin Stick
This moisture stick was an okay product for me. It had a nice cooling sensation to it but I felt like it was very thin and not very moisturizing on the skin.

5. Skin Ceramic Donkey Milk Argan Oil Steam Cream
This cream was so hydrating on my dry skin so I've been using it as my night cream. There was so much product in the container that it took me quite a while to finish up. Even though it was very moisturizing on my face, I did notice that it does leave my skin feeling pretty oily and shiny so that's why I've been using it more at night time instead.

6. Beautymate Bright Up Nano Eye Mask
I got these eye masks from sasa.com a while back because I've heard good things about them. There was seven packs in the box and they were pretty moisturizing and soothing on my under eye area. There was a lot of product in the pack so I was able to use the eye mask more than once. They did help to reduce the puffy area of my under eye area which was great so they would be something I would repurchase again.

That's it for my product empties for October. I didn't finish a lot but at least I was still able to empty a few products. Let me know what you've finished this month too.


  1. Again you showed me products that I never heard about it. Some of them seem very good!
    Have a great day and weekend!

    1. No problem! I love seeing what others have used and being exposed to new brands and products too.

  2. Great reviews! I might try that coconut lip balm :)


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