February 2016 Product Empties

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Here is my product empties post for the month of February. Not a lot of products that I emptied this month once again but I'm proud of myself for at least emptying a few items.

February 2016 Product Empties

1. Listerine Healthy White Vibrant Clean Mint
This is the second bottle of Listerine that I've finished. This one was okay but I think I prefer the total care version I tried previously. This one foamed a lot more in my mouth and didn't make it feel as clean as the other one did.

2. Gokmul Care Creamy Cleansing Masque
This cleansing mask was really nice to use. It had a grainy texture to it so it did help to scrub/exfoiliate my skin a bit when I was massaging it on. The smell on it reminded me of something grainy but it wasn't unpleasant. I did have to use a spatula to get the product out but it lasted me for quite a while.

3. OriginalRaw Black Bubble
This is a black gel like cleanser that as you let sit on your skin, turns into a pretty thick foam. This was a pretty nice cleanser for me. It made my skin feel pretty clean and it didn't dry it out after I rinsed it off. The small tube gave me a couple of uses too.

4. Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry
This was my everyday lip balm that I have been using. Its moisturizing and the scent on it is very nice. I like that it gave my lips a nice sheer red tint to them as well since it gave my complexion a bit of a natural glow. It would be a lip product I would repurchase.

5. Holika Holika I Want Chu in Strawberry and Yogurt
These two lip balms are ones I didn't like all that much. They had a very thin texture to them and they were very sweet smelling to the point where I felt like it did nothing for my lips in terms of moisturizing them. The scent on them was so strong I felt like I had sugar rubbed all over my lips. I'm throwing them away since I don't like them and they have passed their expiration date.

So those are my thoughts on all the products I emptied or tossed out. What did you finish in the month of February?


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