July 2016 Product Empties

Friday, July 29, 2016

Here's my product empties for the month of July. I finished a bit more products compared to the last few months which I'm happy about. Let's hear my thoughts on them then.

July 2016 Product Empties

1. Arm & Hammer All-in-one Complete Care Gel in Fresh Mint
I usually use the Crest brand of toothpaste but I wanted to try out something different so I picked up this Arm & Hammer one when it was on sale. I quite like it after using a whole tube. It left my mouth feeling clean and fresh after using it. Its definitely something I would repurchase again too.

2. too cool for school McGirly Good Morning Rice Wash Set
I've never tried a wash off pack like this before so it was interesting to use. I'm suppose to use one packet in the water and use it to rinse my face with it. Afterwards, just pat dry until the water is absorbed. Its suppose to moisturize, soothe, and purify the skin. I didn't notice much of a different but it did leave my skin feeling moisturized after using it. The set came with 10 packets which was a lot and would be great to travel with too.

3. Herbclinic Rice Bran Powder Pack
This is a loose powder mask that I'm suppose to mix with milk, honey, or any other liquid to create a paste to apply on my face as a mask. I'm more of a sheet mask kind of person so using this was a little messy. I do like the smell of it since it reminds me of oatmeal and it felt nice on the skin. I probably won't repurchase but I'm happy to have tried it.

4. Miracle 10 Light Serum
I didn't like the scent on this serum so I mainly used it on my neck instead. It had a nice texture to it and it was pretty hydrating too. I wouldn't purchase a full size of it but I wouldn't mind using it again but only as a serum for my neck though. I usually used one pump for my neck area.

5. VELLA Fresh Creamy Soap
This was a really nice cream cleanser that lathered really well on the face. I only needed a little bit every time I used it so this tub of it lasted me for quite a while. I'm not usually a fan of cleansers that I have to scoop out but for this one, I didn't mind it. It had a nice lemon scent to it and my face felt clean and pretty moisturized after using it.

6. Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shine & Care Spray
This was a shine spray that I'm suppose to use after either washing my hair or as a finishing spray for my hair when I style it. I really liked the scent on this and it did help to give my dull hair a bit of shine too.

That's all for my July product empties. Some of the products were a miss for me but I was still able to find ways to use them up. Let me know what you've emptied this month or if you've tried any of these products yourself.


  1. Great reviews! I might try the toothpaste... Mine is too minty right now it stings a bit haha

    1. Thanks! I actually like a mine to sting a little, lol.

  2. Garnier Fructis products always smell so nice :-)


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