June 2016 Product Empties

Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Canada Day! So, here's my product empties for the month of June. This month probably has the least amount of items I used up but at least I was still able to toss a few out. So, let's hear my thoughts on them then.

June 2016 Product Empties

1. Miracle 10 Cleanser
I got this cleanser in a travel set that Miracle 10 was giving away awhile back. It was a gel cleanser that lathered well on the face so it was my morning cleanser that I used. I didn't particularly like the scent on it and it wasn't anything extraordinary so I probably won't purchase a full size of it.

2. echoice Red Ginseng Eye Wrinkle Solution Treatment
This eye cream took me forever to use up so I'm so happy to have finished it. It was a nice hydrating eye cream and it would be something I would buy again. I used it for both in the morning and at night.

3. Miracle 10 Toner
Another travel size product I received in the same set as the cleanser. I quite liked this toner since it felt nice going on and it dried pretty fast on my skin. I used it as my first step in my skincare routine. It definitely a product I would look into getting a full size of too.

That's it for my product empties for June. Hopefully for next month's empties post, I will have a little more products to show and throw out. Let me know what you've finished this month too.


  1. Modest empties post indeed :-) I don't think I know these brands.

    1. Thanks! There pretty new brands to me too.

  2. Great reviews Lisa! I've been looking for a good eye cream too


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