Essie Trophy Wife

Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy Monday Blues! I'm almost caught up with my schedule of posts for the blog which makes me happy. The weather has been a lot better during my days off from work so I was able to take some decent pictures for my blog posts. I have a polish swatch for today so let's see the color of it then.

Essie Trophy Wife is a deep teal pearl. The finish on this polish reminds me a bit of a metallic polish even though its said to have a pearl finish to it. The formula and application on this polish was okay for me. The first application I did was a little streaky but the second coat did smooth everything out. I did notice that this color does leave some brushstrokes on the nails but its not too noticeable in real life unless you look really closely. This is two coats.

Essie Trophy Wife
Essie Trophy Wife

I don't wear this color a lot but I still think its really nice. Its definitely a color that stands out when you have it on the nails too. What do you think?


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