May 2017 Product Empties

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Here's my product empties for May. I didn't empty out too much for this month but at least I did have a few products still to share with you all. Let's see the products and what I thought of them then.

May 2017 Product Empties

1. Pureplus Honey Bee Lip Treatment
This has been my night time lip care treatment that I've been using. I only use it at night right before I go to sleep because it has quite a thick sticky consistency to it. It was very moisturizing on my lips and I felt like it really helped to keep my lips soft when I'm sleeping. This small tube of it lasted me for quite a while too. I think there's still a little left but its really hard to squeeze out so I thought it was time to toss it out.

2. Onyx Professional Nail Polish Remover Strawberry Scent
I bought these since I wanted to try a nail polish remover other than pure acetone. It was just okay though. It took a longer time to remove my nail polish and the strawberry scent to it was kind of weird. I probably won't repurchase this again unless I really  have to.

3. Edén's Semilla Vitamin C Serum
I was sent this product for review purposes and I really ended up liking it a lot. I like how it made my skin appear more brighter in appearance whenever I used it. It felt cooling and pretty hydrating on the skin too. I do plan on purchasing a new bottle of it once I used up my other skincare products.

4. Edén's Semilla Hyaluronic Acid Serum
Like the Vitamin C Serum, I also really liked this product as well. It was more hydrating on the skin and it made my skin look more glowy whenever I used it. Its definitely a serum I will purchase a full size bottle too.

That's all for my product empties for May. I'm sad to see the two serums finished but I still have a lot of other things to go through before I can repurchase them again. Let me know what you've emptied this month too.


  1. Love reading these mini reviews. This Hyaluronic acid serum looks good to try.

    1. Thanks and yes I really enjoyed that serum too.


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