American Apparel Neon Blue

Monday, August 14, 2017

Happy Monday Blues! I had a little trouble focusing on this polish when I was taking pictures of it so sorry if the swatches are a little blurry in some areas. Anyways, let's see the polish I'm sharing today.

American Apparel Neon Blue is dusky teal creme with some grey undertones to it. This is suppose to be a neon polish but its not. I've seen other people swatch this color and for some reason, the color they swatched looks different from the one I have. The color is suppose to be a brighter blue but my bottle definitely looks more teal in shade. Even though its not a neon polish I still like the color of it. Formula was on the watery thin side but application was pretty good on it too. One thing to note is that this polish does stain your nails if your not wearing a good base coat. This is three coats.

American Apparel Neon Blue
American Apparel Neon Blue

Since this color does stain the nails, I don't wear it often as a full manicure. I mainly use it with I'm creating nail art designs instead. Even though its not a neon polish, its still a nice shade especially to wear for fall or winter. What do you think?


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