Icing Pop A Bottle

Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy Monday Blues! The weather has been cooling down a little where I live right now. I find it cold in the morning but it gets warmer later on in the day. I can't wait for fall to come though since I much prefer colder weather. Anyways, let's see what polish I'm swatching today.

Icing Pop A Bottle has a mix of gold, pink, and blue small glitters in a clear base. This is such a pretty glitter polish to layer over any base color or to wear just as it is. The formula was a little thick but application was great on it. I could tell just from opening the bottle that this polish was packed with a lot of glitter. So, I feel like I don't necessarily have to sponge the glitter on to get full coverage. This is one coat over American Apparel Neon Blue with top coat.

Icing Pop A Bottle
Icing Pop A Bottle

As you can see, even one coat of this polish covered a good amount of my nails so I'm very pleased with this glitter polish. I don't know why I don't wear it often but I'm totally going to now since its just so pretty and sparkly. What do you think?


  1. Here too it is colder from 2 days, but I hope it will be warmer because I will take some days off of work :) Well, Icing Pop is AMAZING. It looks like a glitter bomb on your nails!

    1. Thanks and yep, this glitter is pretty amazing.


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