September 2017 Product Empties

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Here's my empties post for September. I didn't finish a lot of items this month but I did emptied out two big items though which I'm happy about. Let's hear what I thought of them then.

September Product Empties

1. Arm & Hammer Advance White
This was my current toothpaste that I was using. I like it and would probably repurchase it again when I can. It kept my mouth feeling fresh and I thought it did a good job keeping my teeth clean too.

2. Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Collagen Essence Mask
I made an order from a while back and I purchased a ton of face masks to try out. This was the one that I was currently using. It has 30 sheet masks so it took me quite a long time to use up. I really like these sheet masks. It didn't have much of a scent to it but each one I used was saturated with a lot of product. Definitely something I would purchase again since it comes with so much at a pretty affordable price. Every time I used it, my skin felt very soothed and moisturized.

3. LadyKin Phytoplan Broccoli Wrinkle Radiance Power Ampoule
I've been using this product for the past few months and I really enjoyed it. It smelled great and it felt moisturizing when I applied it onto my skin. I can't say I saw any wrinkle care help though. However, I didn't like the packaging of it. It comes in a dropper container which I didn't like since the texture is kind of a loose cream so I found it hard to get the product out. I also didn't like that I couldn't see how much product I had left inside too.

I'm pretty happy to have finished the Kose sheet masks since there was so many sheets in the container to use up. I actually have one more container of the Kose sheet masks but a different type to use up next. Let me know what you emptied this month.

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