Chi Chi Baby We Can Parlez

Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Monday Blues! I have another blue polish swatch to share today. I'm actually a little behind on my blog posts since the weather has been terrible and my nails haven't been in the best condition recently. I only have posts scheduled for the next two weeks but hopefully I can be back on schedule soon. Anyways, let's see the polish.

Chi Chi Baby We Can Parlez has a mix of blue, green, and silver hexagon and small glitters in a sheer dark blue jelly base. In the bottle, it almost looks like a glittery galaxy and I found it looks just as great on the nails too. However, I did find the formula to be on the watery and thin side so I did find application a little difficult since I had to be extra careful not to flood my nails with it. This is three coats with top coat.

Chi Chi Baby We Can Parlez
Chi Chi Baby We Can Parlez

I'm pretty happy with the polish and how it looks on the nails but I just wished the formula was a little better. I think this polish will be better layered over a base color instead of worn my itself since it does take a few coats to build up the coverage. What do you think?


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