China Glaze Electric Beat

Monday, October 9, 2017

Happy Monday Blues! The fall weather is finally here where I live. It's been getting a lot colder these days which I really like since that means I can start wearing scarves and sweaters now. Anyways, let's see the blue polish I'm swatching today.

China Glaze Electric Beat is a soft faded periwinkle blue creme. I'm so in love with this color and love it more each time I wear it on my nails. The shade is soft and muted which I really like and what I tend to gravitate towards. The color is a pretty unique blue in my collection as well. The formula and application on this polish was great too. This is two coats.

China Glaze Electric Beat
China Glaze Electric Beat

Overall, I just love this polish. I'm extremely happy to own this color and plan to wear it a lot during the fall/winter season. What do you think?


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