Essie Rock The Boat

Monday, November 27, 2017

Happy Monday Blues! So the past week I've been feeling a little down. Hopefully, this week will be a bit better than last week. To help, I've been shopping online a bit more and trying to relax when I can. I've also decided to upgrade my phone so I'm waiting for that to arrive in the mail. Anyways, let's see today's blue nail polish.

Essie Rock The Boat is a soft pale sky blue with a subtle shimmer running through it. I really like the shade of blue this polish is and that shimmer in it just makes it so much more pretty. Even though I really like the color, the formula wasn't the greatest. I found the formula streaky so I had trouble with applying the color on the nails evenly. This is three coats.

Essie Rock The Boat
Essie Rock The Boat

So even though the formula isn't the best, I'm still pretty fond of the color and will continue to wear it on my nails often. What do you think?


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