Love & Beauty Sand Lacquer Blue Jewel

Monday, November 13, 2017

Happy Monday Blues! Today I'm swatching a texture polish. I don't think I've ever done any swatch posts on a texture polish until now so let's get right into it.

Love & Beauty Sand Lacquer Blue Jewel is a medium blue texture polish packed with teal and gold flecks. The color of this texture polish is gorgeous and one I tend to gravitate towards. I purchased a set of these Love & Beauty Sand Lacquer polishes from Forever21 a while ago when texture polishes was starting to come out. I've tried out each color and I really like them a lot. The formula was on the thicker side but I didn't find application on it too hard. This is two coats.

Love & Beauty Sand Lacquer Blue Jewel
Love & Beauty Sand Lacquer Blue Jewel

Texture polishes are typically worn as is but if your not a fan of the rough texture it has on the nails, you can definitely still apply a top coat on top of it. It does dull the cool texture look to it but overall, the color is still pretty nice on the nails. What do you think?


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