Born Pretty Z004 Life Narration

Friday, December 29, 2017

Hi everyone! I wasn't planning to post again until the new year but I have some reviews I wanted to post up before 2017 ends. Here's the last swatches of another Born Pretty polish I was sent to review from Born Pretty Store. The other one I showed was a blue one, this one I'm showing today is a green one so let's see it.

Born Pretty Z004 Life Narration is a sheer green polish with duochrome micro glitter that shifts between green and pink in it. This polish is very similar to Ocean Illusion which I swatched already but the color is green and the color shift is different as well. Formula is sheer but I didn't find application on it hard. I definitely recommend layering this polish over a base polish since it does require a lot of coats for it to be fully opaque on the nails. This is four coats.

Born Pretty Z004 Life Narration
Born Pretty Z004 Life Narration

I'm pretty satisfied with the color. I'm not a huge fan of having to apply this many coats for it to opaque but I will probably layer it over a similar base color so I don't have to apply so many coats. What do you think?


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