Born Pretty Z005 Ocean Illusion

Monday, December 11, 2017

Happy Monday Blues! I can't believe its almost the end of the year. I actually have a work dinner to attend today so that will be fun since were doing a little gift exchange as well. Anyways, for today's blue polish, I'm swatching a nail polish I received from Born Pretty Store to review so let's check it out.

Born Pretty Z005 Ocean Illusion is a sheer blue polish with duochrome micro glitter that shifts between blue and purple in it. This polish is pretty sheer so it will take quite a few coats to build up the coverage. I definitely recommend layering this polish since I feel like you can see the duochrome effect much better that way. I found the formula on this polish pretty good even though its a sheer color. I also really like that the brush on this polish is the wide rounded type of brush since I feel it makes application easier. This is four coats.

Born Pretty Z005 Ocean Illusion
Born Pretty Z005 Ocean Illusion

I'm very happy with this polish but its a shame that you can't really see the blue to purple shift here. Its definitely a color that stands out when you have it on. I'm usually not a fan of polishes that require a lot of coats but in this case, I don't mind it that much since the color really is awesome. What do you think?


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