Dearberry Today Nail Lacquer #20 Fantasy

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hi everyone! The work dinner I went to on Monday was fun but I got a massive headache after coming home. I should have worn my hood when I was outside since I think the cold weather made me feel kind of dizzy after I got back home. I'm feeling better now so let's see today's nail polish swatch.

Dearberry Today Nail Lacquer #20 Fantasy is a orange creme. I only own a handful of orange polishes so I'm happy to have this one in my collection. Its a bright orange but I feel like its not overly bright so that makes it a bit more wearable on the nails. Formula and application was great on it too. This is two coats.

Dearberry Today Nail Lacquer #20 Fantasy
Dearberry Today Nail Lacquer #20 Fantasy

I'm really happy with this orange polish. I don't wear it nearly enough though but I'm going to try to since I feel like its pretty wearable on the nails. What do you think?


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